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     Coaching the heart offers Powerful encounters with A Loving God.

Encounter coaching is for anyone who wants to live a life of freedom and develop tools to cope with life. We all have patterns of thinking and coping. Some of them work for us and some sabotage our desire to live in peace and freedom. Coaching the heart uncovers root lies and false beliefs which are often the source of our inability to develop healthy relationships, new habits, and move forward. Just like physical roots anchor a plant to the soil, root lies are often anchored in the soul from childhood, negative experiences, and trauma.

Since the pathway to the heart is as individual as each person's experience, together we'll identify personal false beliefs, bitter roots, identity blockers, and the fears linked to each belief. You will discover how events from the past and you're interpretation of them continue to influence your life today. Exchanging old beliefs and pain for His truth is all a part of the sacred journey that leads to transformation. As you let go of old mindsets, the real you will begin to emerge. 


Discover the needs of your emotional heart, with intimate forms of prayer


Understand how to navigate your life barriers using the right tools

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A specialized focus of the heart & mind designed for small groups


Find Your Journey to ​the 


You Deserve.

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My experience with Lisa has been heart opening. I have found my place of true refuge and comfort and it’s wonderful!
Vicki H


Cut Through Tough Emotions to Connect to Your Heavenly Father in Heart Engaged Prayer


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