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Lisa Pinney

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Hi, my name is Lisa Pinney. I'm a certified encounter coach, author, retreat speaker, and the founder of the Pittsburgh Transformation Center. I help others move away from old mindset and religious practices that are no longer working and move toward a more meaningful relationship with God. I also will assist you in uprooting negative beliefs formed from past experiences, that cause anxiety, and relational problems. This is a call that comes directly out of my own experience with anxiety that lasted 7 years. During that time, I had a vision. It was a timeline of a young child and an adult. Then came Jesus. He walked back through the timeline, took the child by the hand, and together walked into the present. 


As they walked together, the child started to grow up both physically and emotionally. I knew this child was me. For the next two years, I went on a healing journey with God. My journey and training are what allows me to identify and coach you.

 I want to see you walk in emotional wholeness by connecting deeply with a loving God. I am committed to seeing emotional health become, as much a part of the Christian experience, as prayer and worship are. 

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